“COCOON” wearable shelter

Product Design … Portable and wearable shelter … 2 weeks and off you go 🙂

In a group of 4 were only 2 of us last, we had to find and idea, a name, purpose, design and produce a prototype for a presentation. Not easy hehe 🙂 but fun. I did not mention yet our budget 0.00, but we went on hunting around our College and our houses to find materials. But first we sat down and think first for whom???… decision young people who loves to go out (festivals mostly). As our design involes neon lights in the hood … fun and crazy 🙂 back to design … next step name hmmm… all of us had many ideas but end up on COCOON … Mother Nature again inspired us, Caterpillars, what you think ??? for us perfect choice. So we did a wearable shelter cocoon jacket that if no need to us collapse into bag … fancy one 😉 Visual presentation was my idea, thought it will appel to others as picture say 1000 words.