Mr. Starck – final poster

Starck Poster-01.jpg

After long research on Mr. Starck, this is my final poster proposal … design is simple, but with meaning. Mr. Starck is very interesting personality, very smart, FUN, creative and harworking person … This is why I chose Yellow … Yellow is the most luminouse colour of all, its the colour that captures our attention of all the colours from the spectrum …

Its Colour of:

  • Happiness
  • Optymism
  • Creativity
  • Sunshine

Also the fact I chose Juicy SALIF … Fruits … Splash


Mr. Philippe Starck


Along with other work in the College, we had a module called Visual Communication…

This was all about visuals … Posters, Mood and Concept Boards. At the beginning we were asked to create poster of our choice of Modern Iconic Designer that was also in cooperation with Alessi. Brief said it has to be done hand made, at the beginning, and further after deep visual research in digital version. I choose Philippe Starck, Icon in Modern Design, if you don’t know him yet, do it … as he is great designer, full of passion and inspiration himself. In The World of Design he is one of No. 1 …