Hospitality EXPO

Hospitality Expo in RDS Dublin.

While doing work experience my friend Gosia and myself, we were asked to design a stand 4x6m to present a ranges of fabrics for a company we worked for. This was our first real project. Fantastic oportunity to show of our freshly gained skills from our first year of Interior Design at CDCFE in Finglas runed by fantastic tutor Joe Florence (Best Teacher of all). Back to the topic, we got only 3 weeks to present a final design and proposal of fabrics that were best sellers at that time. Everything you see on the pictures were designed by us.

  • Fabric stand-table with hanging sets of fabrics ready to be used in comercial spaces
  • Leaflets
  • Chairs were also upholster for that purpose
  • Small range boards (you can see an example on the bed)
  • Range card with other fabrics (sample cards)

The space was divided into two separate areas, the first formed as the example of a finished hotel room, and the second was the feature for as many available samples of other fabrics.





Second half of the College year was about design Cafe based in Dublin Creative Quarter.

Brief :

“The client’s favourite era in design is Art Deco. She wants to incorporate Art Deco elements into the design scheme. She is interested to see how you can present Art Deco aesthetics into a contemporary design concept. The Art Deco elements should be subtle and tasteful. The client also likes the rawness of on trend Industrial interior design. She would also like to see inspiration taken from Mid Century Graphic Design.”

So I went and did a deep research on all of those Styles, lots of inspirations and ideas came into my mind. Brainstorm was crazy, many sleepless nights during this process, which by the way was fantastic adventure back to history of architecture and people’s lives.

This was one of the presentation slides I created for this project.