First project in the College


Those are small made of paper models I did in class. Expand and explore The CUBE…

Have to mention I am 35 years old woman who decided to change her life and do something I really love … Art & Design was always surronded me since I was born. Most part of my family was into Art or Music.

Back to what those models are made for, and why ??? Brief was about designing a Pop-Up Shop inspired by Bauhaus, and made to be exhibiting Bauhaus Products in Bauhaus Museum in Berlin… Fantastic and great oportunity to do something New. College is great place to go and do crazy design that have no budget limits 🙂 For me personaly AMAZING, but big challenge as Time Managing Skills are limited… In my design I choose Wagenfeld Lamp and Fibonacci Rule to follow and reaserch it as deep as possible 🙂 … so all sourt of spirals and round shapes… the third model wes inspired by great artist Mr. Kandinsky and his triangles at first… Love to research, read and learn about peoples history, and their point of view.

This was just the begining of my first year in College.


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