“COCOON” wearable shelter

Product Design … Portable and wearable shelter … 2 weeks and off you go 🙂

In a group of 4 were only 2 of us last, we had to find and idea, a name, purpose, design and produce a prototype for a presentation. Not easy hehe 🙂 but fun. I did not mention yet our budget 0.00, but we went on hunting around our College and our houses to find materials. But first we sat down and think first for whom???… decision young people who loves to go out (festivals mostly). As our design involes neon lights in the hood … fun and crazy 🙂 back to design … next step name hmmm… all of us had many ideas but end up on COCOON … Mother Nature again inspired us, Caterpillars, what you think ??? for us perfect choice. So we did a wearable shelter cocoon jacket that if no need to us collapse into bag … fancy one 😉 Visual presentation was my idea, thought it will appel to others as picture say 1000 words.


Mr. Philippe Starck


Along with other work in the College, we had a module called Visual Communication…

This was all about visuals … Posters, Mood and Concept Boards. At the beginning we were asked to create poster of our choice of Modern Iconic Designer that was also in cooperation with Alessi. Brief said it has to be done hand made, at the beginning, and further after deep visual research in digital version. I choose Philippe Starck, Icon in Modern Design, if you don’t know him yet, do it … as he is great designer, full of passion and inspiration himself. In The World of Design he is one of No. 1 …

POP-UP SHOP is done …


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Inspired by Bauhaus, for Bauhaus Museum, and tribute to Bauhaus.

Had so much fun and learn a lesson about most influential movement in history of Modern Art and Design. As a young designer who is at the begining of fantastic adventure, but also hard work, which I cant be more happy about. This was something that give me a goose skin even now, how I love to do it and look forward for more … yes addiction … passion … and pure love for it. But I also wish to know what you think about it ???

Mood and Concept Boards…

Final decision


So I finally had to decide which one of my cubes to choose and move on with the design … here it is my presentation, what and how I see it in my mind to be.

CUBE Models


Moving forward in design, brief said we have to hand made 4 different Cube models as base idea to our design. Here are 4 sculptures I created of sticks, bits of paper, plastic mesh, thred and more, all I could find in my house because as a student money are an issue 😉

All are inspired by great Artists like:

  • W. Kandinsky
  • L. Moholy-Nagy
  • A. Rodchenko
  • W. Wagenfeld

also Bauhaus Principles:

  • Form Follow Function
  • Lack of Ornaments
  • Emotional Depth

CUBE all around

Cube Poster 2-01

It was our day out … Brief – 100 pictures of expanded CUBES

I decided to go further and look also for interesting shapes, textures, finishes and colours I could use in my design. Have to say it was amazing day, fulfilled with so much inspiration and day with friends … I could not ask for more 🙂 After this trip we had to present it in form of a poster, with few words included about our research, prepered in AI as great opportunity to learn how to use this program 🙂 so this was next step in my research for design of POP-UP SHOP inspired by Bauhaus.

First project in the College


Those are small made of paper models I did in class. Expand and explore The CUBE…

Have to mention I am 35 years old woman who decided to change her life and do something I really love … Art & Design was always surronded me since I was born. Most part of my family was into Art or Music.

Back to what those models are made for, and why ??? Brief was about designing a Pop-Up Shop inspired by Bauhaus, and made to be exhibiting Bauhaus Products in Bauhaus Museum in Berlin… Fantastic and great oportunity to do something New. College is great place to go and do crazy design that have no budget limits 🙂 For me personaly AMAZING, but big challenge as Time Managing Skills are limited… In my design I choose Wagenfeld Lamp and Fibonacci Rule to follow and reaserch it as deep as possible 🙂 … so all sourt of spirals and round shapes… the third model wes inspired by great artist Mr. Kandinsky and his triangles at first… Love to research, read and learn about peoples history, and their point of view.

This was just the begining of my first year in College.

Let me first introduce myself…

Designer and photographer both passions and hobbies so why not to mix it together, this was an idea I came up with… I said to myself why not to share my work with others and maybe inspire someone with my creations… this picture I took while on Air Show in Bray in 2016 and found this quote very important… why??? because our planet is inspiration and ART itself. In my work I mostly am inspired by Mother Nature.