Final Presentation


Hand Made Coffee Factory

This Cafe it’s a place where creative souls can find a space to sit and enjoy a hot handmade coffee with a choice of vegan brunch dishes full of flavour and taste… the space also invites our creatives to exhibit and have a chance to try a food on handmeade Ceramic Art (plates, cups)

The Creative Quarter which is placed in the heart of The City of Dublin (because that is where the cafe will be) is full of creative places to visit, you can be inspired even by a small alley, as I was…

As you can see in my presentation i combine all client requirements in one coherent design. Different styles – rawness of Industrial Design mixed with shiny sophistication of Art Deco, presented in materials, finishes, and furnitures designs, and all finishes at the end with colours of Mid-Century Design…

It is my recipe for a tasty cofe shop in every sense of this word.

This is a final presentation of my project … all is included and presented in visual version … Brianding is also included as the part of my brief. Starting with an empty space, think I achived the final look and feel the way it growed in my mind … Logo is important as it reflects the idea … now hope you like it and if you wish to live a comment I would be more than happy, any critique is very welcome … 🙂



Visual presentation of my design

As I mention earlier, this design is inspired by Art Deco – Mid-Century – Industrial Design… My vision of a luxury Factory, its look and feel think is achived… also features of all styles required are blended nicely with eachother, so this project is one consistent whole… Areas are considered and seperated from eachother as I wanted to do. Starting at the entrance we have on the right ‘eat & go’ area next to it we have bar, on the left coffee area. Deeper inside on the right ‘private lounge’ with an access to toilet hidden behind, also we have corner where you can leave your coat, on the left we have our access to the kitchen with ‘dine area’. As the last access to the garden… So now I would love some feedback on what you think about it 🙂

Mr. Starck – final poster

Starck Poster-01.jpg

After long research on Mr. Starck, this is my final poster proposal … design is simple, but with meaning. Mr. Starck is very interesting personality, very smart, FUN, creative and harworking person … This is why I chose Yellow … Yellow is the most luminouse colour of all, its the colour that captures our attention of all the colours from the spectrum …

Its Colour of:

  • Happiness
  • Optymism
  • Creativity
  • Sunshine

Also the fact I chose Juicy SALIF … Fruits … Splash

Coffee House … design

Design Stage … How my ideas become look real.

In this stage I had to start designing Coffee House … I came on the name “Handmade Coffee Factory” … All kinds of old style brewing coffee was one of the features for this place, but it is also brunch place, so all tasty Vegan food will be served. You ask wy Vegan?, well, first I am vegetarian mayself, but its also very fast growing movement, and one of the important things for creative people is to be enviroment awarned and simply being down to earth, mean not to hurt anybody (also animals), and its simply heathy 🙂 … Next idea behind this design is to put together Industrial Design, Mid-Century and Art Deco … so luxury looking Factory was best to combine all of the styles … On the pictures above you can see what sort of materials I will use in this design …


Coffee House – research on the required styles…

First step before deciding on how this cafe will look, we had to research all required styles and for whom this cafe will be (our client)…

  • Art Deco
  • Mid-Century
  • Industrial Design
  • Young Creative People

I love this part where you go off and start research on different styles, and putting it all what I have learned into my notebook, to visually explain how I see all I read and discovered … so dose few pictures presented above are from my notebook.

Hospitality EXPO

Hospitality Expo in RDS Dublin.

While doing work experience my friend Gosia and myself, we were asked to design a stand 4x6m to present a ranges of fabrics for a company we worked for. This was our first real project. Fantastic oportunity to show of our freshly gained skills from our first year of Interior Design at CDCFE in Finglas runed by fantastic tutor Joe Florence (Best Teacher of all). Back to the topic, we got only 3 weeks to present a final design and proposal of fabrics that were best sellers at that time. Everything you see on the pictures were designed by us.

  • Fabric stand-table with hanging sets of fabrics ready to be used in comercial spaces
  • Leaflets
  • Chairs were also upholster for that purpose
  • Small range boards (you can see an example on the bed)
  • Range card with other fabrics (sample cards)

The space was divided into two separate areas, the first formed as the example of a finished hotel room, and the second was the feature for as many available samples of other fabrics.




Second half of the College year was about design Cafe based in Dublin Creative Quarter.

Brief :

“The client’s favourite era in design is Art Deco. She wants to incorporate Art Deco elements into the design scheme. She is interested to see how you can present Art Deco aesthetics into a contemporary design concept. The Art Deco elements should be subtle and tasteful. The client also likes the rawness of on trend Industrial interior design. She would also like to see inspiration taken from Mid Century Graphic Design.”

So I went and did a deep research on all of those Styles, lots of inspirations and ideas came into my mind. Brainstorm was crazy, many sleepless nights during this process, which by the way was fantastic adventure back to history of architecture and people’s lives.

This was one of the presentation slides I created for this project.

“COCOON” wearable shelter

Product Design … Portable and wearable shelter … 2 weeks and off you go 🙂

In a group of 4 were only 2 of us last, we had to find and idea, a name, purpose, design and produce a prototype for a presentation. Not easy hehe 🙂 but fun. I did not mention yet our budget 0.00, but we went on hunting around our College and our houses to find materials. But first we sat down and think first for whom???… decision young people who loves to go out (festivals mostly). As our design involes neon lights in the hood … fun and crazy 🙂 back to design … next step name hmmm… all of us had many ideas but end up on COCOON … Mother Nature again inspired us, Caterpillars, what you think ??? for us perfect choice. So we did a wearable shelter cocoon jacket that if no need to us collapse into bag … fancy one 😉 Visual presentation was my idea, thought it will appel to others as picture say 1000 words.

Mr. Philippe Starck


Along with other work in the College, we had a module called Visual Communication…

This was all about visuals … Posters, Mood and Concept Boards. At the beginning we were asked to create poster of our choice of Modern Iconic Designer that was also in cooperation with Alessi. Brief said it has to be done hand made, at the beginning, and further after deep visual research in digital version. I choose Philippe Starck, Icon in Modern Design, if you don’t know him yet, do it … as he is great designer, full of passion and inspiration himself. In The World of Design he is one of No. 1 …

POP-UP SHOP is done …


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Inspired by Bauhaus, for Bauhaus Museum, and tribute to Bauhaus.

Had so much fun and learn a lesson about most influential movement in history of Modern Art and Design. As a young designer who is at the begining of fantastic adventure, but also hard work, which I cant be more happy about. This was something that give me a goose skin even now, how I love to do it and look forward for more … yes addiction … passion … and pure love for it. But I also wish to know what you think about it ???

Mood and Concept Boards…

Final decision


So I finally had to decide which one of my cubes to choose and move on with the design … here it is my presentation, what and how I see it in my mind to be.

CUBE Models


Moving forward in design, brief said we have to hand made 4 different Cube models as base idea to our design. Here are 4 sculptures I created of sticks, bits of paper, plastic mesh, thred and more, all I could find in my house because as a student money are an issue 😉

All are inspired by great Artists like:

  • W. Kandinsky
  • L. Moholy-Nagy
  • A. Rodchenko
  • W. Wagenfeld

also Bauhaus Principles:

  • Form Follow Function
  • Lack of Ornaments
  • Emotional Depth